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Explorers/Preschool Twos

This age grouping consists of children anywhere from 22 through 30 months in age who have become more physically stable and verbally interactive. The children are learning to use their new found vocabularly with friends and to explore new worlds of play together. The children are ready to begin a curriculum focusing on colors, shapes, seasonal art projects. The Explorers participate in a variety of hands-on projects combined with interactive play and plenty of verbal stimulation. Using language to communicate wants and needs as well as promoting self-reliance skills like potty training, the class achieves various developmental milestones through the program. Imitation through our dress-up center and housekeeping, block play, and cooperative play are all stressed at this age level.


Through love and care, the class builds self-esteem and the primary foundations for a successful school career. This class helps to prepare our young Explorers for their big step-up to Travelers Preschool Threes.



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